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Our goal at Cozy Comedy is to create the best possible comedy experience at every show. Finding new talent and supporting the growth of professional comics is a critical part of our success and a point of pride for us. Cozy Comedy has more than 10 venues around Washington state.  In order to ensure that our roster of professional comedians is diverse and skilled at those venues, we have developed an audition process that we require all feature-level comedians to undergo if we are not personally familiar with your professional work.


Auditioning comedians will need to perform at our audition showcase so we can observe you in front of a live audience. Our showcase is held in West Seattle at the Great American Diner at 8 pm on the first Thursday of each month. Audition spots are 8 minutes in length. You will not be paid by Cozy Comedy for this show, but you will receive food, a drink, a recording of your set, and professional photos. We also encourage the audience to tip all comics appearing in the showcase. 


Once you pass our audition and we are confident you have 15 minutes of show-ready material, you can be booked at any of our venues. You will never be booked for less than 15 minutes and you will receive competitive pay demonstrating that we value you as a professional. With the exception of the audition showcase, all of our shows pay every comedian. 


How do I get an audition? 

Submit your most recent tape of 8 minutes or longer to Let us know when you are available to audition (auditions are on the first Thursday of each month). You may hear back from us quickly, or it may take longer. Seattle is full of talented performers and we may be seeking individuals with a particular style or voice to continue the support of growing diversity within our roster. 

Why do I have to audition? 

As a company, we operate on the core values of fairness and transparency. We require all feature-level comedians to undergo this process. It is possible for an individual to submit what appears to be a quality tape but then struggle under various circumstances. We acknowledge that all comedians have off-nights and encourage comedians to audition more than once to allow for this contingency and to encourage growth. Our rooms are diverse, in different regions, with different demographics. Keep in mind, this audition is not strictly evaluating your material but your professionalism and compatibility with the company. We must ensure new talent can succeed in any condition and the audition process allows us to do just that. This is how we ensure we reach our primary goal at Cozy Comedy; creating the best possible comedy experience at each and every show we produce. 

Tips for a successful audition

Your audition content should be “PG-13” in nature. We need to know if you’re capable of working relatively clean. If you’re relying on dirty material and f-bombs to make a set, it demonstrates that you may not be bookable in some of our venues. If you have material that you would like to perform, but are concerned that the material may not meet this standard, you are free to reach out and ask us about the material at


Bringing notes on stage during your audition is frowned upon. When you audition with us, we’re expecting to see your best possible set. If you are not familiar with your own material and you audition with a crutch, it gives the impression that you are not dedicated to your craft. It's also hard to connect with the crowd if they’re aware you are reading material from a phone/notebook, etc. 

In the event that you do not pass an audition, you are welcome to audition again once at least 3 months have passed since your previous audition. In order to do so, you would need to send us a recent tape to and let us know which first Thursdays you are available for. If you are seeking specific feedback as to why you did not pass the first audition, we will leave that up to you to choose to ask. We are not here to criticize anyone’s art, but if you’re looking for guidance on meeting our standards as producers you’re free to request feedback on any audition and we will share it with you as professionally and kindly as we can.

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